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Alternative Therapies for Cancer: Bio-Medical Center Provides All-Natural Healing

If you have cancer, or know someone who does, you already understand the physical and psychological toll that it takes on a person. The symptoms of the disease are both painful and distressing. Conventional treatments do not always work, and often cause serious side effects.

Modern medicine has made incredible progress in improving human health. However, conventional cancer treatment is often very painful to the patient, and is not always effective. Fortunately, there are now alternative therapies that can offer great results without the problems that are associated with mainstream therapies.

Bio-Medical Center specializes in alternative therapies for cancer and a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. Patients with multiple sclerosis, emphysema, and other problems have all benefitted from these remedies. Regardless of the illness being treated, the doctors here believe that helping the patient maintain a high quality of life is an essential part of any cure.

How Alternative Therapies for Cancer Help Heal the Body and the Mind

Cancer is a frightening enough diagnosis on its own. And the standard treatments are often distressing. For instance, many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy. While this can be effective, chemotherapy harms the body and may cause debilitating nausea and exhaustion. Some patients simply cannot undergo such trauma due to age or preexisting conditions. Other treatments, such as surgery and radiation therapy, bring their own kinds of problems.

Some people expect more from their cancer treatment. They believe that therapy should help them feel better, not worse. They want to live life to its fullest even if they do have a serious illness. This is why alternative treatments are growing in popularity.

These treatments attempt to restore a holistic physiological balance. Instead of performing surgery or irradiating the body, the doctors at Bio-Medical Center work to improve the patient's sense of well-being through diet plans, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and counseling, to give just a few examples. A person who feels healthy will be better able to fight off an illness.

Bio-Medical Center does not reject modern medicine. Conventional treatments may still be used. However, they are implemented in conjunction with a holistic approach, allowing for a more comprehensive treatment regimen. The alternative methods can strengthen a patient's immune system, making it easier for the body to heal itself. This, in turn, helps the body fight the disease and recover from potential side effects.

High-Quality Alternative Therapies for Cancer

Bio-Medical Center provides the very best in alternative healthcare. Many treatments take the form of natural tonics. Others are powders and pastes that doctors apply externally. All of these help restore the body's natural sense of wholeness and health.

Also known as the Hoxsey Clinic, Bio-Medical Center has a long history of offering wellness-based alternatives. The Hoxsey tonic and other holistic treatments have helped our patients improve their health and well-being. Contact us today for more information.


September 2006. Of the 27 doctors I saw, the first 17 told me, I was going to die, they gave me 3 days to 3 months to live -Cancer in Esophagus, Liver, Kidney, Lymph system, Tumor (volley ball size) in stomach area, and in the bones stage 4. The 18th doctor was Dr. Gutierrez at Bio-Medical Center, he said I had hope, I still doing 6 different protocols and I am back for my 6 month checkup. Since March 2007, -Mayo Clinic cannot find any Cancer .. Read this and other testomonials

David R. Olson, Gordonsville, MN | Cell # 952-2370-0869