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Alternatives to Chemotherapy Begin with Bio-Medical Center’s Amazing Legacy

Mildred Nelson 1 Founded in 1963 by Mildred Nelson, Bio-Medical Center treats thousands of patients every year, helping them find alternatives to chemotherapy and other alternative cancer treatments. Our clinic has an amazing history, filled with self-sacrifice, daring actions, and heart-felt compassion.Our story begins on an Illinois farm in the 1840s when Harry Hoxsey’s great grandfather cured cancerous tumors on one of his prized horses. For many years, this herbal cure was a closely held family secret. Harry Hoxsey grew up unaware of his true life’s mission.

Harry Hoxsey Begins His Healing Journey at His Father’s Deathbed

Harry Hoxsey 1-2When Harry was 18 years old, his father suddenly took ill. As he lay dying, he gave Harry the secret family tonic with the power to effectively treat cancer. His father made Harry promise to give this treatment to patients everywhere who could not afford conventional medical treatment, all the while warning him that the medical establishment would not take lightly this alternative treatment.

Unsure until then what he would do with his life, Harry determined then and there that he would become a medical doctor so he could legally use his family’s alternative tonic to save lives. The Hoxsey family was not rich, and the idea of one of their sons going to college never entered anyone’s plans.

So Harry Hoxsey began to save every penny he could while working any odd job he could find. Taxi driver, insurance salesman, even coal miner—Harry did them all, stashing his savings in an old cigar box marked “College.”

Then one night in 1921, Harry’s plans were pushed forward by an unexpected visitor. An old friend of his father came to Harry insisting he use the secret tonic on his tumors. Harry was reluctant to practice medicine without a license, but the man was persistent. “The first thing doctors learn,” he pleaded to Harry, “is that human life is sacred.” Harry hesitated, but finally acquiesced.

As more patients came to him, Harry opened his first clinic in 1924 in Taylorville, Illinois. By 1936, despite nearly continuous efforts by the medical establishment to thwart him, Harry had clinics in 17 states, endorsed by doctors, senators, and judges. Two federal courts had upheld Harry’s right to treat cancer patients regardless of income or background. By 1950, Harry’s Dallas clinic was the largest privately owned cancer center in the world.

Mildred Nelson Carries Alternatives to Chemotherapy to Tijuana

Early on, Harry’s battle with the medical establishment began. American Medical Association doctors in Chicago asked Harry to demonstrate his treatment on a terminally ill cancer patient. After the demonstration, they asked Harry if they could buy the rights to his treatment. When he said no, the AMA retaliated by negating the value of Harry’s revolutionary cancer treatment and denouncing him as a fraud.

But patients kept coming to Harry’s clinics. One of his most trusted assistants and clinic nurses was Mildred Nelson, who started working at the Dallas clinic in 1946. Mildred learned all the secrets of Harry’s cancer treatment, and when Harry became ill with heart disease, he hand-picked Mildred as his successor.

Harry convinced Mildred that opening a clinic in Tijuana would help get the AMA off of their backs. This advice turned out to be prophetic as over the next few decades, every one of Harry’s stateside clinics was closed by the legal actions of various medical institutions.

The Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana Carries On Harry Hoxsey’s Fight for Alternatives to Chemotherapy

So in 1963, Mildred Nelson founded the Bio-Medical Center 3 miles south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Over the years, Mildred expanded the center’s treatment offerings and hired a fully licensed, English-speaking staff. She assembled professional support personnel to meet the needs of the thousands of patients who visit Bio-Medical Center every year. Most of the original medical staff and support personnel have remained through the years, and the clinic continues to provide accessible and economical medical help.

Before her death, Mildred took steps to carry on Harry Hoxsey’s legacy by appointing her sister Liz Jonas as chief administrator. Today, the Hoxsey legacy of healing lives on at the Bio-Medical Center.

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