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By Harry M. Hoxsey, N.D.

Yes-You Can Say No

An adventure in healing cancer

By Marie Halbrendt Carlson

Cancer Medicine from Nature

The Herbal Cancer Formulas of Edgar Cayce & Harry Hoxsey

By Roger Bloom

Eat for your Life

Allow food to be your joy, your passion and your medicine

By Alison Taafe

Hoxsey’s Bio Medical Center…The Experience

Patient testimonial dietary guidelines

By Carol Main

When Healing Becomes a Crime

The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Return of Alternative Therapies

By Kenny Ausubel

Foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

The Hoxsey Therapy

The 39th Annual Cancer Convention September 2011

By Dr. Elias Gutierrez, M.D.