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At Bio-Medical Center, we advocate information. We encourage our patients to study all facets of their illness, seek out opinions and second opinions from health care professionals, and make their choice based on knowledge and first hand information.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

Along with information on the site about our treatment and how it works, we’d like to offer you patient testimonials so that you can read first-hand what patients have to say about the process here. These testimonials are copied verbatim, with no words changed from the original letters we were sent.

Clinical Diagnosis: LYMPHOMA
Diagnosed: SEPTEMBER 2006
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: SEPTEMBER 13 2006
Date of Last visit: MARCH 2013
Health at last report: EXCELLENT

September 2006. Of the 27 doctors I saw, the first 17 told me, I was going to die, they gave me 3 days to 3 months to live -Cancer in Esophagus, Liver, Kidney, Lymph system, Tumor (volley ball size) in stomach area, and in the bones stage 4. The 18th doctor was Dr. Gutierrez at Bio-Medical Center, he said I had hope, I still doing 6 different protocols and I am back for my 6 month checkup. Since March 2007, -Mayo Clinic cannot find any Cancer- I had NO chemotherapy, NO radiation and did NOT get cut. I have stage IV non-Hodgkin’s follicular lymphoma. I tell people about the Bio-Medical Center and many have excellent results.


David R. Olson, Gordonsville, MN | Cell # 952-237-0869



Name: Franco Guido Gallinaro, Palm Springs, CA
Clinical Diagnosis: Pseudo-Myxoma Peritonei (Abdominal Cancer)
Diagnosed: July 28, 2004
First Visit to Bio-Medical Center: July 30, 2004
Follow-Up Visit: Once a year
Health at last Visit: Excellent
Conventional Treatments: Refused

When the doctors at the UCLA Medical Center first diagnosed me, I was told that there was nothing that they could do, that it was beyond their scope for treatment, and that there was no hope for me being cured. I told them that I had great faith, and that I believed that God could heal me. The doctors told me that they didn’t believe in faith, and that all the symptoms indicated to them that I would surely die. I didn’t like that prognosis, so I sought out the foremost specialist in the world for this type of cancer, and flew out with my wife to meet the doctor at Washington Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. After the doctor evaluated the PET scans, MRIs, CTs, and the myriad of other blood work and test results, he said that he had good news and bad news: the bad news was that I did have this rare form of abdominal cancer, but the good news was that “he” was my doctor. He told us that the protocol for dealing with this type of cancer was surgery and chemotherapy; he mentioned that he would cut me from sternum to pubis to remove my appendix, gallbladder, spleen, a portion of my liver, part of my colon, remove my rectum, strip the upper and lower omentum, and basically, gut me like a fish, and then he would perform a profusion, which is to bath the remaining organs in a heated chemotherapy treatment to burn any cancerous cells remaining in the abdominal cavity. He mentioned that the surgery is extensive and takes about 12-14 hours, and that I had a 4% chance of dying on the operating table, and another 28% chance of dying a week or two after the surgery from excessive bleeding, staph infection, or other complications. I told the doctor that I didn’t like the odds, but that at least the procedure would cure me. He said that there was “no cure”! I asked why I would want to undergo such a massive surgery and profusion treatment if it was not going to cure me. He said he was only trying to buy me some more time. I told him that I didn’t need him to buy me any more time because God knows exactly how much time I have on earth, and that he didn’t know if the cancer was going to kill me, for I could walk outside and get hit by a falling airplane part, or struck by a bus crossing the road. I told him that we have great faith and believe that God can heal me. He actually scoffed at my remark, pointed his finger directly in my face, and said, “Young man! I am your only hope!” I told him that Jesus was my hope and my salvation, and that I would continue to put my faith and trust in him, and that one of three things would happen: 1) God would heal me, 2) God would sustain me, or 3) God would call me home. The doctor told me that I have a very short window of time remaining, and that if I didn’t follow his instructions exactly, that I would surely die, and that I had a 0% chance of survival without him. I told the doctor that we believe that God can do the miraculous and that God could even use him to help heal me, but based on our conversation I didn’t believe that was going to happen. He reiterated that my time was short, and that if I didn’t decide to have the surgery and profusion, that he wouldn’t want me as his patient. I told him that I’ll make it easy for him, and that I didn’t want him as my doctor.

Two days later I visited the Bio-Medical Center, and my life has never been the same! The doctors and staff are remarkable! From the moment I entered the clinic, there was overwhelming sense optimism! Patients were conversing, laughing, and sharing testimonies of hope and healing. After the team of doctors evaluated my prognosis, I was told that if I followed their instructions I would get well. I was given a strict yet simple protocol to follow, which included taking the Hoxsey tonic, modifying my diet, and taking some vitamins and herbal supplements. That was it! I was amazed! No surgery! No chemotherapy! Just natural remedies to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body! God is good! I thank all the doctors and the entire staff at the Bio-Medical Center for offering hope, health, and healing for those of us who had been given none!

Franco Gallinaro, Palm Springs, CA | (760) 799 5148


Clinical Diagnosis: FIBROMYALGYA
Diagnosis: 1994
First visit to Bio-Medical Center: JUNE 2008
Date of Last visit: MARCH 2012

To anyone who really knows what it means, the word Fibromyalgia strikes true fear. For me it was years of pain so wide spread and intense that I couldn’t do simple daily life tasks. Just getting out the bed hurts so much you begin to wonder if you have the fortitude to make it through one more day.

Then I heard the Bio-Medical Center offered treatment for Fibromyalgia. Some were skeptical, but I was sick of medical professionals saying there was nothing more they could do when I still hurt so badly. I began their treatment and in weeks my pain levels were noticeably less. In two months, major relief from years of intense pain. I could move, wash the dishes, go shopping, and best yet, get big hugs from my kids and grandkids.

I knew about the Bio-Medical Center through family members. My son James was given a 6-8 week death sentence back in 1978 at age 24 by the U.S. doctors when he developed malignant melanoma. We ran as fast as we could to see Mildred. Today James is a robust 56 year-old, celebrating the newest of six grandkids which were twins!

Again in 2008 the family was back to Bio-Medical Center when my daughter Jacqui had a breast cancer scare. Turned out the tumors they had found were Fibrocystic Breast Disease and were over a dozen had fibrous cysts. The state-side doctors wanted to do major surgery, but following the treatment regime at Bio-Medical Center, Jacqui reduced the number of cysts from around 15 to 2 and while those 2 which had been the largest, became so small all the pain issues are gone.

So many words you could use: helped, saved, rescued…but the ones I need to say are thank you Bio-Medical, thank you for giving me my life back.

Geri Lovett | (817) 789-9131


Medical History, Lois Schroff

Following surgery after broken thigh bone in December 2008, I was told to stay in bed for a month – next month wheel chair – third month crutches came. I feel that this lack of activity caused bladder infection and subsequent strong anti-biotic use for over four months.

With blood in my urine in August 2008, I went for medical assistance. A cancer specialist was called and a camera enhanced sistoscopy revealed a large mass in my bladder connected to the wall. Although a biopsy and pap smear were recommended to determine the type of ‘mass’, I refused because I had heard that biopsies often cause cells to spread throughout the body.

In March 2010, I learned that a special kind of blood test would reveal the presence of cancer cells anywhere in the body. This test was performed and the ‘Markers’ revealed Stage 2 cancer cells in the intestinal tract with fewer in the bladder.

I knew a doctor in Virginia who practiced natural healing and had been diagnosed with breast cancer five years earlier. I called and she told me she had gone to the Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey Clinic) in Tijuana, MX. I made my first visit with my daughter on March 30, 2010.

On January 30, 2013 at the Bio-Medical Center, a sonogram revealed that the bladder was empty of the mass. The doctor there recommended staying on the prescribed diet which includes the Hoxsey formula three times each day. Today is September 5, 2013 and I plan to return to the clinic in January for a checkup.

Lois Schroff



Christine Phillips, Bailey, Colorado, Refused Chemo

Diagnosed at age 47 with Malignant Melanoma and Papillary Thyroid Cancer 8/2010

Prognosis in U.S., 2-3 years, passed that expiration date last August!


I found a new mole on my left lower jaw in 8/2010; biopsy came back as Melanoma & I had surgery immediately. In the hospital in Denver, they did a “Lymphoscintrigraphy” procedure to determine exactly where my sentinel lymph nodes were, meaning that if the Melanoma had spread, this would show them exactly which lymph nodes it had spread to. I was told that it was so state of the art; it was now the standard procedure. It showed 2 lymph nodes in my upper left neck, so I went in for a wider excision of the original melanoma & the 2 sentinel lymph nodes, again in Denver. To my (& their) surprise, the 2 sentinel nodes came back positive for Thyroid Cancer! So I went in for 1 cancer & came out with 2! I was given a clean bill of health as to the Melanoma & then had a Thyroidectomy in 9/2010 & 1 dose of a Radioactive Iodine tablet which, my Endocrinologist told me was the standard procedure for Thyroid cancer & 100% it would be gone, very easy.

All seemed great until 4 months later, 1/2011, when suddenly a large lump appeared above my collarbone almost overnight & per biopsy in Denver, it was Melanoma. (So much for their state of the art test!) Another deep & wider excision surgery was performed & there were multiple positive Melanoma & Thyroid lymph nodes, so the Radioactive Iodine didn’t work either! A Petscan revealed several spots in my neck & armpit area, 1 in my skull & a few in my chest wall.

I was referred to Univ.Hospital in Denver, one of the top Cancer research hospitals in the country (or so their huge banner at the entrance says). My Oncologist told me he was very sorry but apparently I was a “cancer making machine” & the only hope they could offer me was Bio-Chemo, a treatment that was so toxic & poisonous (he actually said this multiple times) that I would be hospitalized for 2 weeks out of every month & completely disabled for up to a year & may not even survive the treatment & if I did happen to survive it that I might possibly live 2-3 years with multiple complications. I remember I laughed & he said “I don’t think you realize what kind of trouble you are in here”.  As I had heard about Hoxsey in the past when researching therapies for my 2 sisters who’d had breast cancer, I decided to try it.

My husband & I arrived at the Biomedical Center 1 week later. We saw Dr. Gutierrez for the first few visits & were so impressed with his kindness, knowledge & expertise. He even found a lump in my armpit that 2 Denver Drs. had missed. I did have some ups & downs for the first year; multiple spots appeared in my liver & more positive nodes were found in the neck area every few months but the Drs. at Biomedical Center were always on top of it, adjusting my treatment right away. The liver spots disappeared within 3 months as well as the skull spot. eWithin 3 months, all of my labs and numbers were really good! I have felt great the entire time, have been able to work full time, no disabling side effects (actually no side effects at all!) like what was offered me in Denver. I travel; hike, garden & have an amazing quality of life! My Pet scans & blood work (still done in the U.S.) have now come back totally clear for the last 18 mo. & no more cancer has been found! My Denver Drs. don’t know what to think; they have called me a “miracle cure” and one Dr. even said that possibly I had the mind power to heal myself – but none of them want to know anything about the Biomedical Center which is just pathetic in my opinion.

I cannot say enough about the clinic and staff! Leola the nurse is so efficient, kind, & the gentlest nurse I have seen! Olga is always very efficient getting my medicines ordered, & Rocia the chef is the best ever! I want to come for a month or two & have her teach me how she makes such amazing meals for the diet!

Thank you all sooo much, you have truly saved my life!

Christine Phillips and Husband






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